How to Get Pokemon Emerald Rogue: A Simple Guide

In the world of Pokemon Emerald Rogue, fans often look for fresh adventures. One exciting option is Pokemon Emerald Rogue, a fan-made tweak to the classic Pokemon Emerald. This guide will walk you through the process, making it easy and enjoyable.

How to Get Pokemon Emerald Rogue: A Simple Guide

What is Pokemon Emerald Rogue?

Before we dive into downloading, let’s quickly check out Pokemon Emerald Rogue. Created by dedicated fans, this mod adds new Pokemon, changes maps, and boosts challenges, giving a new twist to the familiar Pokemon Emerald game.

Easy Steps to Download Pokemon Emerald Rogue:

Now, let’s get to the main part – downloading Pokemon Emerald Rogue. Follow these steps for an enhanced Pokemon journey:

  1. Find Reliable Sources:
    Start by looking for trustworthy websites or communities known for hosting Pokemon ROMs. Opt for platforms with good reviews and a history of safe downloads.
  2. Check Your Device:
    Make sure your computer or emulator is compatible with Pokemon Emerald Rogue to avoid glitches and ensure smooth gaming.
  3. Get a Good Emulator:
    Pokemon Emerald Rogue usually needs a Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator. Pick a reliable one like VisualBoy Advance or My Boy! for Android devices.
  4. Get a Pokemon Emerald ROM:
    Find a clean Pokemon Emerald ROM from a reliable source. This serves as the base game for the mod. Remember to get ROMs legally to avoid any issues.
  5. Download Pokemon Emerald Rogue Patch:
    Look for the Pokemon Emerald Rogue patch file, often in .ips or .ups format. This file contains the mods that make the Rogue version. Download it from a reliable source.
  6. Patch It Up:
    Use a patching tool like Lunar IPS (for .ips files) or Tsukuyomi UPS (for .ups files) to apply the Pokemon Emerald Rogue patch to your Pokemon Emerald ROM. This blends the mods with the original game, creating the enhanced Rogue version.
  7. Test Your Game:
    After patching, try your new Pokemon Emerald Rogue game on the emulator to ensure everything works. This helps catch any issues before your full gaming experience.
  1. Visit the Emerald Rogue Pokecommunity Thread:
    • Locate the specified thread from the
    • Download the latest patch version from the thread’s provided link.
  2. Extract the Patch Files:
    • Unzip the downloaded file to obtain the EX and Vanilla .ups patch files.
  3. Choose the EX Patch:
    • Opt for the EX version, as recommended in the thread, featuring new elements like battle items, abilities, the fairy type, and the physical/special split.
  4. Obtain an Emerald ROM:
    • Find a suitable Emerald ROM file in .gba format using search engines.
  5. Select an Emulator:
    • Depending on your platform:
      • For PC, use the mGBA emulator.
      • For mobile, opt for the Pizza Boy emulator.
  6. Get a Patching Tool:
    • Utilize the suggested online patching tool, particularly if you’re on a mobile device.
    • Choose both your .gba ROM file and the selected .ups patch file.
  7. Apply the Patch:
    • Use the online tool to patch the ROM.
    • Download the patched ROM version.
  8. Save the Patched Version:
    • Store the patched ROM in your preferred location.
  9. Prepare for Future Updates:
    • If you plan to update later, finish your ongoing gameplay, save in the Hub world, and then proceed.
  10. Repeat the Update Process:
    • For future updates, follow the same steps to patch a clean vanilla Emerald ROM.
    • Ensure that you keep the .sav file from the previous version.

Congrats! You’ve successfully got Pokemon Emerald Rogue and are set for a unique Pokemon adventure. Enjoy the added features and challenges this fan-made mod brings to the classic Pokemon Emerald game.


Can I play Pokemon Emerald Rogue on my smartphone?
Yes, use a GBA emulator for mobiles like My Boy! for Android.

Any virus risk with Pokemon Emerald Rogue?

Risks exist, especially with untrustworthy sources. Stick to reputable sites and use reliable antivirus software.

How often are updates for Pokemon Emerald Rogue?

Updates depend on developers. Stay connected with the Pokemon gaming community for the latest info on updates.

Remember, respect intellectual property rights, and support official Pokemon releases when possible. Happy gaming!

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